South Australia Club International is South Australia’s centralised network of global state ambassadors with the simple objective of bringing people together who know that South Australia is a place of unlimited potential.

Bill Muirhead AM, previous Agent General for South Australia, founded the Club in 2010 with the inaugural South Australia Club International launch in London in 2011.

Since then, the London Chapter has grown to over 150 members and hosts more than four events per year. The Club has grown year-on-year to become one of the most dynamic networks promoting South Australia’s interests around the world.

In 2015, new Chapters of the Club were launched in Shanghai and Hong Kong SAR followed by Bangkok, Mumbai and Singapore, and most recently Tokyo.

In 2015, the Premier of South Australia invited the then Governor of South Australia, to become the International Patron of South Australia Club International. The Governor of South Australia personifies the traits sought to promote the South Australia Club International, including prosperity and fostering strong international connections that will contribute to the future success of the state.

South Australia Club International hosts spectacular global events showcasing the linkages between Chapters and South Australia, and the connections South Australia has to the world. Members are encouraged to bring a guest to each event ensuring the Club’s dynamism.

South Australia Club International anticipates Chapters to be established in all locations where the South Australian Government operates trade and investment offices, including Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and United States of America, to strengthen the state’s global position and provide further global reach for Chapter members.


South Australia Club International is a membership-based business and community network made up of like-minded individuals who offer a powerful, educated and positive voice for South Australia.

The Club aims to create a strong, international network of South Australians and those with an interest in South Australia around the world, connecting them to what’s happening in the state locally and globally.

The Club acts as a responsive and reliable network for businesses wishing to widen their international horizons and connects people with an interest in the future development of South Australia.

Each Club Chapter (location) has a diverse membership in the worlds of business, politics, academia, media and the arts, who are willing to share advice and provide trusted connections to help South Australian companies to develop, grow and contribute to South Australia’s economic future.

This means members have access to contacts in relevant international markets, industries and sectors that can allow them to benefit from international B2B connections, practical advice about the local business environment and potential market opportunities directly from one-another via a practical digital resource.

South Australia Club International members:

  • Are state ambassadors
  • Positively promote South Australia, worldwide
  • Provide market intelligence
  • Facilitate (global) business connections.

The Club fosters new connections, builds trust and helps grow relationships that will help drive the state’s future prosperity.

Is South Australia Club International
network right for you?

The community of like-minded individuals that make up the Club share two things in common – their connection and strong affiliation to South Australia and belief that South Australia is a place of unlimited potential.

Members are part of a South Australian community network willing to offer their support, advice and expertise to those looking to expand, relocate or invest in South Australia.

Members are dedicated to making South Australia an even better place to visit, invest in, do business and live.

Each member strengthens the position of the Club by enhancing its image, shaping attitudes, becoming self-sustainable, driving valuable memberships, creating positive publicity and heightening visibility for South Australia.

The following are encouraged to join:

  • South Australians who have a strong business reputation in South Australia
  • South Australians who have returned home after successful careers overseas
  • South Australian overseas alumni in senior positions
  • South Australians who have established themselves overseas
  • Foreign investors who have chosen to invest in South Australia
  • International companies that have significant operations in South Australia.

Making the most of your membership and getting real value is only created when you are proactive to interact and connect with one-another with the contacts available to you through the network.

How can South Australia Club International benefit you?

South Australia Club International is a great vehicle for members to access useful links and relevant global markets for advice, inspiration and connections along with exclusive networking opportunities amongst a powerful group of members from around the world.

The Club is an invaluable business and social network that encourages interaction and collaboration which could help identify potential opportunities that can result in positive outcomes for South Australian companies, especially for those interested or working in the global space.

Joining your local Club Chapter gives you access to range of exclusive member benefits, designed to contribute towards the success of your business.

Membership benefits:

Become part of a dynamic, international community of like-minded individuals with an active interest in South Australia.

  • Become a state ambassador and be part of ‘Team South Australia’.
  • Access to globally exclusive events.
  • Opportunity to bring one guest to each Club networking event.
  • Enjoy the best South Australian hospitality – food, wine and culture.
  • Access to the latest news, business opportunities and industry insights from South Australia locally and globally.
  • Access to useful and relevant links and resources.
  • Opportunity to meet with Australia’s and South Australia’s most established and influential business leaders.

Additional benefits exist for members that are actively engaged and take advantage of the available resources, this may include:

  • Identifying potential international partners and suppliers.
  • Making connections to help open doors to new contacts and opportunities around the world.
  • Raising confidence levels and ambition.
  • Harnessing untapped expertise and knowledge.
  • Achieving better international performance. 

How can you get involved?

Register your interest via the ‘Register’ button on the homepage of the South Australia Club International website.

Upon completion of the registration process and subject to meeting the criteria, full access will be granted to the South Australia Club International portal and benefits including the global event calendar and news and media updates on South Australia.

There are currently over six Club Chapters that you can join, each with its own local Chapter administrator to manage enquiries and networking events within markets. Each Chapter operates slightly differently so please make sure you select the Chapter (location) you currently reside in or spend most of your time to ensure the registration process is seamless and that you receive information that is relevant to your location and chapter.

South Australia Club International is largely self-funded and relies on membership, corporate partnership funds and in-kind support to offer exclusive networking opportunities and an invaluable digital resource to its members.

We encourage you to join the DTI social media platforms to keep informed on what’s happening in South Australia and the Club.

For those who want to be more actively involved in South Australia Club International, corporate partnership opportunities are available.

South Australia Club International looks forward to welcoming you to its global network.

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