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The South Australian Government trade and investment representative is co-located in the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) in New Delhi, headed by South Australian Representative, Mr Varun Anthony.

The State’s representative provides a number of services, including:

  • Awareness generation among stakeholders in India about competitive and comparative advantages of South Australia;
  • Strengthening and managing investment pipeline across strategic sectors from India.
  • In-market support and advisory to South Australian businesses on their market entry and international growth strategies by:
    • sharing market intelligence, insights, opportunities and advisory on approach to market.
    • assisting with partner search and key introduction to potential businesses.
    • facilitating them to bridge the social, cultural, economic and political (wherever necessary) gaps within the market.
  • Support and advice on commercial viable engagement model with institutions across higher education & vocational training, innovation & incubation Centre, and start-up ecosystem.
  • Stakeholder mapping and relationship with senior Government officials, legislators, trade associations, consultancies and think-tanks to progress commercial interest of South Australian businesses and Government.
  • Managing activities pertaining to South Australia’s Sister-State Engagement with Rajasthan.
  • Many services are offered free of charge, including the highly regarded Soft Landings program, which comprises a day of bespoke meetings with specialists in Australian property, legal, tax, recruitment and finance issues.

Visit DTI website for further information and to read about South Australia’s strategic advantages.

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MR varun anthony


After 16 years and counting in International Trade, Market Development and the initial years in Hospitality, my drive and passion for my work lies rooted in the diversity, quality, sustainability and uniqueness that each international market represents.

In my present role, I represent the Department for Trade and Investment – South Australia as their In-Market Representative and Business Development Manager for India.

Prior to working with the Department for Trade and Investment, I served for more than a decade the Federal Governments of Canada and the United States of America in developing their mandate for the India market.

The initial years of my career were in the Hospitality industry and the subsequent move to International Trade and Market Development, has today made me passionate about understanding the needs and consumption trends of global consumers.

Being a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®), keeps me aligned to the high standards of excellence and quality I have to follow and maintain while working with my clients in international trade.

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